Top Three PHP Framework of 2015

PHP is one of the most popular web programming language and has been used by million of today’s website. According to W3Techs survey, PHP is used by 82% of majority web server. The reason why PHP so popular is its interactive features, great HTML and database integration support and easy to learn.

And just like other popular web language, PHP also has some great frameworks to make your development crazy fast, more productive and protects you from low level error. It also ensure your website with more protection from some attacks like SQL injection, XSS attacks and others.
Laravel, CodeIgniter and CakePHP are putting a good fight. The list contains these best PHP frameworks, for you, as a PHP developer, and these will help you work well on your PHP projects, and achieve them in least possible time, and with least possible efforts.

Top three PHP Framework of 2015

1 CodeIgniter

Top php framework 2015

When I was going to start working on PHP projects, I have so many framework in my mind, but ultimately I choose CodeIgniter framework for moving ahead with my project and the reason that compelled me to do so was it helps me in developing my website in simple and clean code.CodeIgniter is a free PHP framework maintain by EllisLab. Codeigniter was created by Ellislab back in 2006 and made available to public for free use under MIT license.Codeigniter has been the framework of choice for the reason that it was lightweight, fast as compared to other contemporary PHP frameworks and easier to learn. As of today, most of PHP beginners are attracted towards CodeIgniter. It has an excellent documentation with large user community. There are many features that will make you taste CodeIgniter for your project such as no PHP version conflict, almost zero installation, easy error handling, easy security and encryption steps and has rich built-in libraries and helper.

2. Laravel

Top php framework 2015

As a PHP developer, you might choose the PHP framework depending on its reliability, stability, extensions and support and Laravel has it all. Designed for the latest version of the PHP Framework, Laravel is regarded as an extremely interactive and easy syntax for developing web application development, which is designed especially to make the website development easier. For a PHP developer, if there is a framework that can help them in writing better codes in less time, then it is definitely the Laravel framework, which includes all the fundamental development elements for offering developers a highly expressive interface to work with.

3. CakePHP

Top php framework 2015

CakePHP framework was originally released back in 2005 and is now available under MIT license. You can use it free of cost in personal, open source as well as commercial projects. CakePHP is a PHP framework that support version 4 and above. It is easy to learn with fast and flexible. The integrated CRUD (create, read, update and delete) is a handy feature in CakePHP for your database interaction. It also has various built-in feature for security, email, session, cookie and request handling.